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For this week's episode we check in with Seied, out of Denver, Colorado. We've been listening to Dave's music for for quite a while. In our opinion he has been overlooked for far too long. He has releases on Addictech, Digital Distortions, Plastic Sound Supply, and Be Green Records. Having been remixed by the likes of Bassnectar as well as doing bangin remixes of Si Begg's Tyranny of Pesto and Dicrylium's Hippy Britches. Not to mention being a staple performer of the Burning Man festival scene and all around nice guy.

Dave gave us a 30 minute all new 100% original Live PA, of mostly unreleased and forthcoming material. It's obvious that his mastery of the womp knows few equals. We are very happy to be able to feature him. And we really think you'll dig this one.

You can catch Seied and recent Memekast artists Carly-D and Dr.Knobz and many more at Gruntworthy Presents. Located at 103 Harriet in San Francisco.

  • Seied on Addictech Records
  • Seied on Soundcloud
  • For bookings and inquiries, email:

memekast mk048 » 15 February 2011 » Seied

  1. Seied - future bounce LIVE MIX (unreleased)
  2. Seied - controls data v1.0 LIVE MIX (unreleased)
  3. Seied & ((diverse)) - full melt (plastic sound supply)
  4. Seied - spheres and halos (addictech records)
  5. Seied - substance energy congruency beams LIVE MIX (unreleased)
  6. Seied - untitled (unreleased)
  7. Seied & Turnstyle - deepspace (unreleased)
  8. Seied - speaker organisms (free download @soundcloud.com/seied)
  9. Seied - diablez (addictech records)
  10. Seied - skewed up (forthcoming begreen records)
  11. Seied - subdimensional harmonics LIVE MIX (unreleased)


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