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Since relocating from Cape Town, South Africa in 1994, San Francisco's Dov has kept busy throwing events, distributing records, developing labels, producing tracks, Djing around the Bay, the US, EU, and South Africa.. uh let's see... bringing all those UK breaks labels into California back in the 90's (Fuel, Botchit, Mechanoise...), running the first (and several subsequent) breaks weeklies in SF, finding Kraddy and Kemek and putting out their first records, along with releases from E.V.A.C., Future Funk Squad, An*ten*nae, Audiovoid, and a bunch more on his own label, Muti Music.

Muti was started in 2002, and has been steadily uncovering and publishing emerging artists from California and the UK, with releases ranging from tough UK-style breaks and hard electro to dark, minimal dubstep and heavy midtempo bangers.

Dov drops an exclusive mix on us this month, seven tracks of funky, heavy electro and breaks. This is late at night, covered in sweat, pushing through bodies so you can find the sweet spot on the dancefloor kinda shit, mostly Muti releases and pre-releases. Enjoy...

memekast mk013 » 3 March 2007 » Dov

  1. LayerZ - Evil Stuff (Muti Music)
  2. Wee DJs - Base (Touching Bass)
  3. Lukes Anger - Yo Ass (Bow Wow)
  4. Suff-x - CyberFreq - Dov Remix (Muti Music)
  5. Audiovoid - ElectroNom (Muti Music)
  6. Dov - Euphoria (Muti Music)
  7. Dan Mangan - Little Snitch - Dov Remix (Muti Music)

Upcoming Events:

  • Mar 9 2007 » Ambiotica - San Francisco, CA
  • Mar 22 2007 » Miambient @ WMC - Miami, FL
  • Mar 22 2007 » WMC - Breaking Traditions - Miami, FL
  • Mar 24 - 26 2007 » Miambient @ WMC - Miami, FL

For more info and details visit:

Muti Releases:


  • Muti008 » Audiovoid/ Dov / LayerZ EP


  • Muti009 » Dan Mangan - Little Snitch w/ remixes by Kraddy, Dov, Audiovoid + digital release with additional remix by LayerZ.
  • Muti010 » D'nA (Dov & an-ten-nae) - Elixir w/ remixes by some superstar secret agents

Vinyl and digital available at Addictech.com and Juno.co.uk.

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  • fresh nu breakin jazzy hip nolicious

  • Do you ever come back to Cape Town Dov? Here at www.cometocapetown.com We would love to see you perform at one of our venues our outdoor parties live in Cape Town

    • woh super late reply here, to Jim about Cape Tow. Sorry I have not checked this page in a while and yes I do go back and perform in Cape Town, I played at the Sound Squad New Years 2006-07 and previously for the African Dope guys at a spot on Loop street and some other folks before that hired me too. I'll be back this year again.

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