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It's that time again! Which reminds me... we're rolling out a new feature this month. It's a little something we refer to affectionately as "twice as many episodes." Starting... NOW! We will be releasing a new episode every two weeks. Now, i know what you're saying. "Twice as much memekast? Won't that like... rip a hole in the universe or something?"

And it might.

I, for one, am willing to take that risk.

To mark the occasion, i contacted a very skilled agent, and founder of one of our favorite corporate allies, benchun of False Profit, LLC.

For those who don't know, False Profit hit San Francisco in 2000 like a 7.5, with a relentless series of aftershocks at their corporate headquarters at 43 Norfolk lasting five years. During that time, benchun held down a two-year run of Wednesday's at Wish (with Halon of Fake Science), later called Samurai Soundsystem (with Joe Encarnacion of BFamily Records). He started FP's monthly Dividend events at 26Mix, later moving them to Nickie's in the Lower Haight. Dividend continues under the direction of other FP agents, currently at Anu. He also started their monthly happy hour at Il Pirata, Equity, with Boreta from Nexus. He was instrumental in orchestrating the legendary Priceless campout.

He also rolls with the Space Cowboys, has rocked the Unimog in BRC, Tahoe, Breakfast of Champions...

Yeah, the list totally goes on. But you get the point. Checkit:

memekast mk011 » 1 February 2007 » benchun

  1. Anything Can Happen - Wyclef Jean (benchun edit)
  2. Skin on the Drum - Spearhead (Bassnectar Remix)
  3. Player's Club - Rappin 4-Tay
  4. Moveup - Si Begg
  5. Loose Tips - Seiji vs. Q-Tip
  6. Autumn - Rena
  7. Organ Dance - Digital Underground + DJ Shadow (benchun mash)
  8. Black Ice Cubes - White Label
  9. Ms. Hill - Talib Kweli
  10. Hip Hop - Dead Prez


  • Friday 02.02: Fresh @ Shine



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  • benchun rocks the party that rocks the party.

  • massive mix inside the ridaaah

  • user-pic

    stil busy downloadin the mix, but the spearhead track isnt 2nd, howeva i c a big mix comin on, iv posted this link 2 a few of my peeps in south africa, big up!

  • yo dlomo -- the spearhead track is indeed second on the mix, but i don't play the whole thing. just a little bit of it for the transition. listen close!

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