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ratchet - aether

aether_albumart.jpgHappy Holidaze y'all. We have a free tune from Ratchet just in time for the New Year!

West Coast arpeggios and subbed out basslines makes Aether a great tune to add to any set this year.

You can download the free wav over at our Addictech mini store.

raindance: 6/01 @ saratoga springs

raindance.jpgIt's that time again... Time for the annual Raindance Campout!

This years lineup is insane! With an all star cast of musicians such as Opiuo, Quade, Vibesquad, Heyoka, Minnesota, Love & Light, Digital Rust, Phutureprimitive and NastyNasty.

Also featuring Memekast residents, Spektrum, Dabis and Cumulus. As well as past Memekast selectors Mihkal, Ana Sia, Kitty-D, Digital Honey, ill.Gates and SatsiSonik just to name a few.

3 Full Days of Music, Dancing, Art, Camping, Fun, Swimming, Hiking, Learning, Loving, Growing... with your favorite people!

Opiuo * Krafty Kuts * A.Skillz and Dynamite MC * Vibesquad * Ill Gates * Heyoka

NastyNasty * Ana Sia * Phutureprimitive * Eliot Lipp (Live) * Adham Shaik * Minnesota

Liberation Movement (live) * Love N Light * Onra (France) * Salva * David Starfire

Samples * Russ Liquid * Christan Martin * Jphlip * Worthy * Little John * Mozaic

Digital Rust * Kitty-D * Fort Knox five vs. Thunderball * Kaminanda * Sunmonx(AU)

Shawna * Lafa Taylor (Live Band) * Quade * RKidz (Lawgiverz) * El Papa Chango

Bogle * Thriftworks * Bass Cadet * Ant Acid (Live) * Nanda * Knowa Know One

Majitope * Clay Chollar * Spektrum * Rob Monroy * Malarkey * Mihkal * Stridah

Digital Honey * Dragonfly * Hypnotech * Wala * LeafyGreen * Neptune * Dax * Dabis

Cumulus * Aaron Jae * Keone * Tony in Orbit * Andrew The Pirate & Smasheltooth

Ryan Jay * Satchi Ohm * Ananda * Zaggasaurus * Subsonic Drops * Lunch Tray

Rastatronics * SkulldDrops * Cello Joe * SatsiSonik * Mal Label DJ's * Alabaster Kane

DJ 1 more * DJ Ipod + Special Guests & More TBA as we get closer to the date

Performance, Workshops, and Visionary Forums information coming soon!

We are limited to selling 600 tickets and we want you there, so please don't wait!

Ticket Link -

There will be a limited amount of "in store tickets" available May 1st at the usual spots (Streetlight Records in Santa Cruz and Distractions in San Francisco)

We will open doors at noon on Friday and close at noon on Monday.

Music will be nonstop. You know how we do!

Carpool Carpool Carpool!


Please visit - Raindance Presents for up to date venue, vending, volunteer and all other information.

Ticket Link -

focus presents: 4/28 @ cloud 9 berkeley


Focus Presents, in association with Grassroots California and Memekast, bring you an evening at beautiful Cloud 9 in Berkeley

Prepare to blast off! With the forward thinking musical styles of Ill-Esha, Gladkill, Digital Rust, Mihkal, Kitty-D, Dailon, Genji, Sharu and Wala
We're starting at 7pm, Dinner will be served until 10pm for those of you wanting to get your night going early. We are also featuring some of our favorite local visual artists. Jeremiah Allen Welch and Rhett Johnston will be painting Live and showing many of their most recent works.

We'll also be presenting our special Healing Sanctuary, featuring Tea Service by the one and only Evan & Bridgette. With musicians playing elevated beats to relax the body and mind.

This is not a night to be missed!

You Can Purchase Tickets Here:

$15 limited pre sales
$20 at the door

Ages 18+
I.D. Required

Located at the beautiful
Cloud 9 Studio
1320 9th St.
Berkeley CA, 94710

If you have any questions please visit our event information page

Ill-Esha (Dub Police, Subway, Muti, Simplify)

Gladkill (Headtron, Simplify)

Digital Rust (Fullspektrum, Addictech)

Kitty-D (Tao of Meow, Beat Church)

MiHKAL (Street Ritual, Beat Church)

Genji (Fullspektrum, Memekast)


Sharu (Fullspektrum,

Wala (Street Ritual)

Jeremiah Allen Welch

Rhett Johnston

Grassroots California


lucidity festival: 4/13-15 @ live oak

424335_3455415705439_1272222089_3492544_1674911789_n.jpegLucidity is an open-source festival experience, set to challenge existing models and push creative and cultural boundaries; a space where imagination becomes manifestation, and inter-dimensional Art, Light, and Love spill from mental and spiritual spheres of existence into the beautiful medium of the physical world.

Built on a foundation of community, consciousness, art, music, healing, and in the spirit of sharing and working together. "We invite you to come collaborate and play with us. Let us awaken to All That Is ~ awake in your dreams -Lucidity"


And many more announced daily!

Multiple stages... a wide variety of performers, workshops and guest speakers

You can email lucidity (at) fullspektrum (dot) com for a $5.00 discount promo code

~Participate and Connect~

Facebook: Connect with other Lucidity-bound dreamers:
Twitter: Find us on Twitter

Want to participate even deeper? Explore the conversations happening NOW around our 6 themed villages:
Find out more here

And guess what? The true seekers will find even deeper layers to explore once there, enjoy your little trip down the rabbit hole!

~Carpool and rideshare~

We encourage everyone to carpool and rideshare.

Ticket questions call: 1-800-350-8850 (24hr)
General questions email:

Purchase tickets at Eventbrite

Lucidity Facebook Event Page

nexus boing @ jump sky high 3/17

boing_full.jpgBack by popular demand, Nexus is proud to present the fourth installment of BOING!!!! Odyssey to Win!

Join us for an evening quite unlike most others in the newly expanded Jump Sky High. Also known as "the warehouse full of trampolines!

Start training your team now for the West Coast's most prestigious trampoline dodgeball tournament! Break out your finest leprechaun jogging apparel and your best bouncing shoes and come on down! Funktion One sound and a special selection of musicians and producers for this evenings shenanigans will surely have all you lads and lasses shaking your asses!!


ARDALAN - (Anabatic, Dirty Bird)

SEPEHR - (Dub Noir, Anabatic)

MICHAEL CLAUS - (Kabutomushi Records)


LIL JOHN - (Raindance)

Sound by Magnetic

Dodgeball signup online here:

or upon arrival at the venue.

$20 presale
$25 door

Jump Sky High
2880 Mead Ave.
Santa Clara, CA 95051

Presale tickets available at:

titleweight heavy: 2/24 @ beat box sf


MR. BILL (Simplify Recordings - Aus)

Mr. Bill is a project based around evocation, music written to excite the ear and the brain. It explores all sorts of strange production methods and musical theories. The music has been described as a distinct brand of 8bit glitchy funk as well as an audiological reflection of our world growing ever more mechanistic which seemingly takes sounds and influences from every aspect of life and a representation of the inner workings of the quantum realm when harvested through concentration and intent.

ELECTROCADO (Hass Records, Ektoplazm - Aus)

Electrocado was created during 2009 by Bill Day and Ryan Whare in Ol’ Sydney town. They combined generous amounts of psy, electro, glitch, minimal and progressive, spread some avocado on top, then grilled it till it was steamin' hot and crunchy. The result is a tasty and satisfying meal covering a wide range of tempo’s and musical influences.

MR. ROGERS (Ooze System - NorCal)

Mr. Rogers' brain is a fun place to visit, but you might not want to stay for too long lest you get stuck in the intricate, syncopated pulse that oozes from it. Mr. Rogers connects with dancefloors instantly with his totally unique style. His signature sound seeps out of every beat per minute, and latches onto your primal dance button. Mr. Rogers sounds have long captivated the West Coast underground arts community. Now the secret is out and this pioneering producer is poised to conquer the far reaches of the dance floor with his twisted, psychedelic take on bass-heavy midtempo and glitch-ridden breaks.

THA FRUITBAT (Simplify Recordings, Memekast, Addictech - Sac)

Tha Fruitbatis an electronic music maker best known for his disorienting arrays of synth and sample tones, woven together atop complex breakbeats and mutated basslines. His background as a trained musician (drums, bass, guitar and percussion) and audio engineer enables Tha Fruitbat to play, sample and record and slice his own sounds into his compositions, creating his own unmistakably unique style and sound.

RATCHET (Ooze System, Memekast - NorCal)

Ratchet has been cranking out a unique brand of twisted psychedelic breaks and mid tempo since 2006. Having showcased his talents in underground clubs and outdoor festivals, people are beginning to notice his impeccable ability to craft a sharp, precise, ultra-clean composition. His first full length album, Warp Speed was just released on Ooze System and is currently holding steady on the Addictech charts.

Limited $10 presale tickets are available for purchase here

Beatbox SF
314 11th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
10pm - 4am
$20 at the door

This event is presented to you by: Speaker Sherpas in conjunction with MK2 Systems

ratchet - warp speed

ratchetwarpspeed_5x5_72dpi_final.jpgFresh off the heels of his new Memekast giveaway "Natural Movement." I'm excited to present Ratchet's new album "Warp Speed." Out now on Ooze System Recordings "Warp Speed" just charted as's #4 release of the year! You can get it right now, exclusively hosted on Addictech's digital store.

Ratchet has been cranking out a unique brand of twisted psychedelic breaks, on the sly since 2006. His all original sets have been gobbled up on enthusiastic dance floors all across the country. Whether in underground clubs or outdoor festivals, people are taking notice of his impeccable ability to craft a sharp, precise and ultra-clean composition. Ratchet's first full length album is comin' in hot for early 2012 and will be the third release for Ooze System Recordings. Ooze is an up and coming label, by and for established veteran producers of the underground EDM scene. Collaborations are thick for Ratchet and include projects with Electrocado and another side project called ReptilianBassStation Featuring Tha Fruitbat, Spektrum and a revolving group of local producers and friends that love bass music that tells a story with naturally progressing themes. 2012 will see more releases from this young, prolific audio sculptor along with fresh new releases from ReptilianBassStation

- Ooze System

digital rust - forming formants

formingformants_art.jpgFor our second free giveaway for 2011/2012. We bring you "Forming Formants," a slammin' tune from Digital Rust. A little something funky to ring in the New Year. We featured him last March on Memekast mk053. Which was in support of his then, new "Loophole EP," available on When Loophole dropped it created quite a buzz in Mid Tempo and Glitch Hop circles. His music has been compared to Opiuo, Love and Light and even Tipper to name a few. Not to mention staying at #7 in the Addictech Top 10 since March.

When we asked him for a freebie, little did we know that he would give us one of the most asked for tunes, from both his Memekast and his live sets. Forming Formants starts out with a bang and doesn't disappoint the whole way through. It's more or less, a relentless barrage of choppy vocal synth bits and moving, sludgy baselines. Combine that, with chunky hard hitting beats and the glassy 303 leads occasionally making their appearance at the forefront of the mix. It has just enough pretty elements to provide a noticeable amount of contrast, for such a heavy danceable song.

You can expect a new EP from Digital Rust in April, 2012. Until then, this will just have to do.

Just click the "Buy" button to Download the track.

ratchet - natural movement

natural_memekast.jpgWe recently hit 1,000 fans on our Facebook fan page. So to celebrate this small achievement, we asked some of our favorite producers if they had any music that they felt like donating, as a gift to our audience.

The first one up is Ratchet. He's scheduled for a Memekast in the near future. But for now he offered up one of his most recent creations. It's a bangin' tune full of wobbles, bleeps and bloops. "Natural Movement" contains some of the most solid call and response work from Ratchet, to date. With catchy lead lines and bumping, grinding bass work that moves the song along the whole way through. And then, there is that half-time breakdown... It's almost enough to make you want to lean back to the right, with your lip sneared and be all like "Uuuuungh!" if you know what I'm sayin'.

This free giveaway also comes out just in time to give support to Ratchet's new album "Warp Speed" which comes out on Ooze System Recordings. Warp Speed will be unleashed upon January 2nd, 2012.

Just click the "Buy" button to Download the track.

sound theories: ft ill.gates @ madrone studios in sf 3/10

sound_theories_poster_small.jpgmk2 systems and Word of Mouth Production Services in conjunction with Madrone Studios present: Sound Theories :: Master Class Workshop

Sound Theories was created to bring people face to face with the producers, engineers, label owners and other professionals who are integrally involved in the digital music industry. Sound Theories makes available their thoughts on the many aspects of digital music production as well as the business behind it, thereby helping you to become more successful at your art. Our first in the series comes from a living legend who is changing the industry in big ways

Ill Gates and his Ill Methodology

THE ILL.METHODOLOGY is, Toronto-based electronic music composer, performer and educator, Ill.Gates' brainchild. It is a unique lecture & workshop series he regularly conducts while touring throughout select cities in the U.S and Canada, which presents a comprehensive skill set of techniques acquired from his prolific 16 years of experience in electronic music production.

This extraordinary workshop is targeted to increase your productivity and efficiency in writing finished compositions in Ableton Live and providing you with all the tools you would need to streamline your production and become succesful doing so.


1. Learning to Live Every Day as a Musician
2. Concepts of Songwriting
3. Workflow
4. Sound Design
5. Library and Organization
6. Tips, Tricks, Techniques
7. Promotion
8. DJing with Ableton Live
9. Q+A period

On top of all this, he’ll give you a pile of his DJ Templates, racks, custom effects, remix parts and course notes.


• Printout of the Ill.Gates Guide to Producing (with recommended reading + viewing)
• Subscription to the Ill.Gates Ableton Rack Collection
• Access to the world famous DJ Templates (a $50 value here alone)
• Misc Documents detailing workflow, 128s, etc…
• Remix Parts for the now-classic Ill.Gates album Autopirate

This 4 hour workshop has been getting incredibly positive reviews and feedback from producers in North America wherever it’s touched down.

Cost: $50 per person plus $2.24 Eventbrite processing fee.

Too steep? If you’re strapped or just thrifty, you can get in FREE by pre-registering two people who pay the full price.


Purchase pre-sale tickets using this link:

Or by using the window at the bottom of this page

We also have a special discount promo code available for listeners of the Memekast, email: for the code.

Pre-registering ensures entry/seating and also allows you to get a head start on the documents and templates.

For more information about Ill.Gates go to:

For more information about WOMPS, check out:

For more information about Memekast, please visit:

For more information about Madrone Studios visit,

Madrone Studios
1417 15th st
San Francisco, CA, 94103

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