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Welcome to MK2 Version 3!

v3-promo-190.png It's been a while since our last transmission, but MK2 is pleased to announce a new site, with new features, and a new Memekast featuring all new material from Mochipet!

New Site?

Yes, we are proud to be launching Version 3 for 2009! What's new? Well, we're introducing some new features, and will be rolling out a bunch more over time. Some of them are little things; like threaded comments so you can have a conversation instead of leaving just comments, and an updated home page so you can always see what's new and featured. Some are a little more involved; like a 5-star rating system for episodes, and user favorites. You can even stalk your friends, to make sure you always know what they're up to on the site! Of course, you'll have to be logged in to access those features (did we mention user profiles?).

Disturbance in the memekast…

crossed.jpgJust a quick heads up to anyone who got a strange "episode" this morning and doesn't know what to make of it... As you might guess, that was not actually a memekast episode at all, but a blog post that got uppity. We're in the process of restructuring the memekast and rolling out some different content on the site, and we accidentally crossed the streams. We have temporarily removed the offending entry from our feed, and are working with one of our partners to locate the affected region of your memory and delete that as well.


Do not be alarmed, we are not really providing travel deals, or holistic therapy, or any of the other random things claimed by the page that took over briefly yesterday. There was just some confusion over who holds the site registration and the actual registrar thought it would be helpful to advertise such services while we worked it out. Hope you got a great deal on a hotel. We're back now.

Thanks to everyone who notified me, Neuronaut wins for being the first!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled reprogramming, which is already in progress.

Aaaaand we’re back…

After a (ahem) host of problems with our old site hosting provider, i've decided to move MK2 to DreamHost, an employee-owned hosting provider that has been highly and repeatedly recommended.

site problems

Well, it looks like a lot of you have been getting partial downloads, and there have been some other issues... We apologize for the trouble, we have no idea what the problem is, and we've gotten no help whatsoever from our host. Oh except they said you should all be using download managers. If you're using iTunes this does not apply to you because iTunes is a download manager. Since that's 74% of you, and since many reports have come from iTunes subscribers, i'm going to call that advice "not helpful whatsoever." So we're moving. Hopefully we can get this taken care of by the end of the month, with minimal disruption. We'll keep you posted. Thanks for bearing with us...

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