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Rapper's Delight - bringing some classic hip hop to the playa @ Burning Man 2011

rappers_delight.pngHey all you dj's, it's time to celebrate your roots! This year at Burning Man we're taking a break from all the usual beats and going to back to where it all came from. Pay homage to the great masters like Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, and Afrika Bambaataa by celebrating the four pillars of hip hop: djing, mcing, break dancing, and graffiti art at our theme camp and bar, Rapper's Delight. I mean, seriously, how long has it been since you've listened to The Fugees, Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh, NWA, or Kid n Play? We'll be playing all the 80s-90s hip hop jams you have forgotten that you love. And if you're feelin' fresh, come by and drop some rhymes on the mic or show off your cipher on the dance floor. Throw up a piece on the graffiti wall and have a drink with us!

If you love classic hip hop, and I know you do, then please check out our kickstarter and donate a little bit to help us out. Every dollar counts, even if you can only throw in 10 bucks. You can also check our Facebook page for updates on our schedule of events. Also, if you'd like to perform or set up a battle hit us up!

We'll be on the 4:30 Plaza, hope to see you there!


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