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An Underground Resolution

freqnye-flyer.jpgMonday December 31st, 2007
SomArts Cultural Center

A special collaboration between Get Freaky, Tantra, Know:Audio, the Ambient Mafia, and Word of Mouth featuring MK2's own Chiral and Mino as well as several of our past guest memekast selectors.

Cumulus, Seventh Swami, Dov, and Djeeno will all be in attendance. Make sure to swing by the memekast section of the site to check out their past episodes.

An-ten-nae/ Get Freaky Room

Freq Nasty (U.K)
An-ten-nae (Get Freaky)
Random Rab (El Circo)
El Papa Chango (El Circo)
Laura (El Circo)
Little John (Raindance)
Mozaic (Raindance)
Dov (Multi Music)
Jocelyn (Get Freaky)

Know:Audio Electro/Techno Room
Praxis (Omniscient Records) *live pa*
Forest Green (Cloud Factory/ Cute Things with Fangs)
Naked Slice (Renegade Virus/ Otherworld)
SirNod (Cloud Factory/ Friends and Family)
Toro Toro (rEvolution/ Friends and Family)
Mike Sims (Otherworld)
Saturnia (Phoenix Family/ Celestial Dragon)

Tantra Return to Goa Room

Dutch (Thump Radio)
Liam Shy (Tantra)
Olowanpi (Dropout Productions)
Tim Tryptamine (CCC)
Surge (Space Children)
KJ (Tantra)

Ambient Mafia/ Word of Mouth Chill Area
Actual Rafiq (:AM/the dRow)
Boomerang Fidget (:AM/HATFYR)
The Captain (:AM/Chill Syndicate)
Chiral (WOM-SF/MK2 Systems)
Cumulus (WOM-SF)
Djeeno (WOM-SF)
Harken (:AM/Epiphany)
Mino (WOM-SF/MK2 Systems)
Redstickman (:AM/Friends and Family)
Seventh Swami (:AM/Wantit)
DJ Unagi (WOM-SF)

~ Heated Outdoor Chill Space ~
~ Fully Stocked Bars ~ Coat Check ~
~ Friendly Black Rock Security ~

Get your presale tickets now! There are only a
limited number of tickets available at $30. Once
they're gone presale tickets will be $35!

For more info and online tickets visit:

Or buy yourself a hard ticket and skip the will-call
line. Available at either Ceiba or Distractions in
SF on Haight St., or Skills in Berkeley.


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