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This is Daly City Records... We have temporarily taken control of the Memekast to bring you a ton of new music that you NEED to hear. We've got six back to back sets from Daly City Records artists: MusSck, Lokae, Deceptikon, Monk Fly, Samples, and Mochipet!

MusSck (London)

When MusSck was back in high school he use to stay up late at night to watch the series the UK series of Manga classic the fist of the north star as the background music was drum and bass and IDM which got him hooked onto music as well as animation

after collecting heaps loads of animation such as ghost in the shell / death note / ergo proxy / ninja scroll / samurai champloo and street fighter, MusSck always wanted to make music referring to animation and land of animation EP explains all of that

Valance Drakes aka MusSck is up and coming beat maker from London, forming a leading edge of a music style that's unheard of, his sounds takes you into surreal and unknown places with melodies as well as glitch nasty and bass heavy sound

MusSck started his jourey since listening to a prefuse 73 album One Word Extinguisher, he wanted a sound painter but instead of paint he uses an array of sounds with mirco samples and edited beats to include visions of his art, He has created an ecosphere of sounds inside his beats like beauty of the intricate design of nature.


Lokae (San Francisco)

Few electronic producers can meld frenetic, danceable rhythms with introspective song progressions. Lokae manages to do so effortlessly. Bubbling in the Bay Area’s underground electronic community, producer and multi-instrumentalist Lokae (Ian Luo) makes it his mission to move the listener - slaying the dance floor or rocking the theater of your mind, he’s happy with either result.  

Originally from China, raised in Southern California, and now currently residing in San Francisco, Luo has developed a far-reaching appreciation for diverse musical backgrounds and genres. He has played classical piano, got his chops down with jazz ensembles, nodded his head for years to the boom bap, and honed techniques of collage while DJing throughout the Bay Area. Such a broad musical background helps inform the pliancy in Lokae’s production strategy, where he brings visceral instrumentation to bear on laptop robotics. His live performance infuses a cutting-edge Ableton set with dynamic improvisatory skills - where you can see Luo triggering percussive loops, manipulating effects, and layering keyboards on the fly. It’s a talent fit to make any introvert shake around in a frenzy and induce extroverts to have just a moment of thoughtfulness. Expect some heat from this promising beat conductor.



  • 05/11/10 - Lokae - Citylights

Deceptikon (San Francisco)

After the eruption of Mount Saint Helens in 1980, Deceptikon was born out of the ash and dried magma of Northwest Cascadia. Recently relocated to San Francisco via Tokyo via Seattle, he spends his time making music for the future, a soundtrack for future-minded space travelers and skiff-jumpers from the 23rd dimension. The Deceptikon Industries studio, orchestrated by mastermind Zack Wright, is the basis for all operations.

The first Deceptikon 12", released on Merck Records in 2003, was sold out only four months after the initial pressing, and was followed by the critically acclaimed albums "Lost Subject" (2004) and "Greater Cascadia" (2007). Deceptikon has now teamed up with San Francisco bass luminary Mochipet and his label Daly City Records to release the highly anticipated third Deceptikon album, entitled "Mythology of the Metropolis".


Monk Fly (Sydney)

Remember back to your first ever party with hormones and expectations coursing throughout your charged and electrified body - Sydney, Australia based DJ/ Producer and Radio Show Host with a love and appreciation for abstract, fat future beats, MONK FLY is the man to take you back to that wondrous time and place again on his first release for Mochipet’s Daly City Records, The Far Side of Zen.

Monk Fly epitomizes the essence of the NOW with his whompy, skitzed out beats. This is dubstep without so much of the dub. His approach takes the beats along what you think is a standard path and then he laughs when you jump at the glitch and wriggle when he provides the infrastructure for the rest of the record.


Samples (Boulder)

Ben Samples is one half of the live remix project Fresh2Death that is based out of Boulder, CO.  His style is crunk glitch-hop, complete with bass-heavy remixes of your favorite club anthems and hip hop.  His professional DJ career started in 2006 when he picked up a weekly variety radio show for CU Boulder's KVCU.  His show covered many styles and genres, with a focus on dance music and hip hop.  Now, Samples blends both hip hop and dance music into a hybrid club hip hop sound that is redefining the genres. Samples is a member of the Denver Bass Squad, which is the essential crew that pushes the heavy bass-line scene in the Denver/Boulder area, including a residency at the world-famous Beta night club.


  • 04/13/10 - Samples - Snowstorm

Mochipet (San Francisco)

Born in Taiwan R.O.C. to Rocket Scientist father and Kindergarten Teacher mother, David Wang (a.k.a. Mochipet) has been tinkering with electronics since he was a child. However, not until he added music to the equation, did something special begin to take shape. Having grown up listening to metal guitar, avant-garde jazz, and mainstream hip-hop, David’s eclectic taste can now be seen in his music - ever changing, and always evolving.

His fervency for diversity can also be noted in the mixed bag of his many artist collaborations which include the likes of legendary skateboarder Ray Barbee (Powell Peralta), Techo producer Ellen Allien (Berlin), hip-hop MCs Mikah9 (Freestyle Fellowship), Casual (Hieroglyphics), and Raashan Ahmad (Crown City Rockers), electro Miami gangster Otto Von Schirach , booty bass rockstars 215 The Freshest Kids and Spank Rock (BigDada), mashup glitch tweeker Kid606 (Tigerbeat6), Edwardian suit-wearing Daedelus (Ninjatune), glitch popstars Jahcoozi (Kitty-Yo), and avant-garde jazz legend Weasel Walter (Flying Luttenbachers).

David has also shared the stage with a myriad of influential music pioneers, including Aaron Spectre, Andrea Parker, Autechre, Bassnectar, Boom Bip, Bucovina Club, Cargo Natty, Carl Craig, Chris Clark, CLP, Cristian Vogal, Daedelus, Dat Politics, Devlin & Darko, DJ DJ Plasticman, Qbert, DJ Spooky, Drop the Lime, Ellen Allien, Felix Da Housecat, Fluokids, Flying Lotus, Ghislain Poirier, Gift of Gab, Glitchmob, Jahcoozi, Juan Maclean, Ken Ishii, Kid606, Kid Koala, Lazersword, Luke Vibert, Mary Ann Hobbs, Meat Beat Manifesto, Matmos, M.I.A, Mikah 9, Modeselektor, Otto Von Schirach, Skream, Superpitcher, The Bug, Tittsworth, and Tussle, to name a select few.

memekast mk042 » 01 April 2010 » Daly City Records Takeover

Program 1 :: 00:00:19 MusSck

(Track list not available)

Program 2 :: 00:15:40 :: Lokae

  1. City Lights 
  2. Till the End
  3. Priceless
  4. Inverse Polarity

Program 3 :: 00:31:39 :: Deceptikon

  1. Tokyo Burning
  2. Indo Loops
  3. Crumar Crush
  4. Copy The Floppy
  5. Broken Synthesizers

Program 4 :: 00:52:51 :: Monk Fly

  1. Left-Field Bass Culture - Monk Fly - Streetisms Vol. 1 (The Frequency Lab)
  2. Ghlomp - Monk Fly - Far Side Of Zen (Daly City)
  3. Coleco Crunk (Monk Fly remix) - Mochipet - Master P on Atari Transformed Vol. 2 (Daly City Records)
  4. Undercarriage - Monk Fly (unreleased)
  5. World Blues - Monk Fly - Streetisms Vol. 1 (The Frequency Lab)
  6. Super Heroes - Monk Fly - Streetisms Vol. 1 (The Frequency Lab)
  7. Hyperglide - Reso - Temjin EP (Civil Music)
  8. Old Soulful Cats (Jonny Faith remix) - Monk Fly (The Frequency Lab)
  9. Burn Em - Monk Fly (unreleased)
  10. I Saw You First (Anomie Remix) - Monk Fly - Afternoon with Camila remixes (The Frequency Lab)
  11. Oh But I Do (instrumental) - Monk Fly - Afternoon with Camila remixes (The Frequency Lab)
  12. Vortex Cookies (Flako remix) - Robot Koch & Cerebral Vortex (Robots Dont Sleep)
  13. Waking Dreams - Monk Fly (unreleased)
  14. Fire Rolla - Monk Fly - Downtempo Smokers (The Frequency Lab)
  15. Bullet - Monk Fly (unreleased)
  16. Alien Crunk (Audiovoid remix) - Mochipet - Master P on Atari Transformed Vol. 1 (Daly City Records)

Program 5 :: 01:11:43 :: Samples

  1. Snowstorm
  2. Drop Bombs
  3. Here We Go
  4. Deliverance
  5. Digitalis
  6. Fly Ready
  7. Blakka (Samples Remix)
  8. Smoking Barrel
  9. Supa Crunk
  10. Find Your Own Path
  11. Joker (Incredible Synth Version)
  12. Underscore (Samples Remix)

Program 6 :: 01:24:30 :: Mochipet

  1. Freddy Todd - Blowing Good (Mochipet Remix)
  2. Mochipet - Godzilla New Year (Hellfire Machine Remix)
  3. Mochipet - Godzilla New Year (David Starfire Remix)
  4. Narch vs. Mix n Blend - Bitches (Mochipet Remix)
  5. Splatinum - Pumping Quarterz (Mochipet Remix)
  6. Mochipet - Dessert Search for Mike Jones (Unreleased)
  7. Kraddy - Android Porn (Mochipet's Android Godzilla Porn Remix)
  8. Mochipet - Fauxhawkullet Bass Nation (Rawr Means I love you)


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