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Well it has been a while, hasn't it? Our heartfelt apologies for leaving you without your fix for so long. But the Memekast is officially back in action, and to kick off 2009, we brought the HEAT.

Representing Daly City Records in California, we're delighted to present 40 minutes of all new, unreleased material from Mochipet. If you haven't heard of Mochipet through his work with artists like Spank Rock, Kid606, Ellen Alien, and Otto Von Schirach (on such labels as Tigerbeat6, Bpitchcontrol, or his own Daly City imprint), then perhaps you've read about him in the Village Voice, URB, XLR8R, or SF Bay Guardian. Or heard his tracks while you were watching Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, or Ray Barbee on Fuel TV.

Yeah, we didn't exactly discover this guy. But we're honored to share this exclusive set with our listeners.

Also known as David Wang, Mochipet was born in Taiwan ROC to a kindergarten teacher and a rocket scientist. No, we're not making this up. And he got his musical start playing metal guitar. He also has "Way More Badass Than You" tattooed across his chest in dragon's blood. OK, we did make that part up. But if he did, i'm not sure who would argue with him. Unless you've had one of your breakcore tracks played by a 20 piece orchestra in venues like New York's Carnegie Hall and Amsterdam's Holland Festival. Yeah me neither.

For this episode, he presents a sampling of some of the new material he's been using to destroy sound systems and convert nonbelievers. It's a massive thing, spastic but tightly controlled, somewhere between dubstep, glitch hop, ghettotech, and syrup-fueled Southern hip hop. And this shit absolutely lays waste to a dancefloor.

You can catch him along with Montreal's Turbocrunk (Megasoid, Lunice, & Hovatron), Robot Koch from Jahcoozi, Bass Science, and Lazer Sword on January 15 at his new monthly: Bass Camp @ 111 Minna. We're pretty sure this is going to be one of the freshest monthlies of 2009, and expect to see you there, wishing Mochi a happy birthday.

His latest release, Microphonepet, is available from Daly City Records, Amazon, iTunes, etc and features such MC's as Casual (Heiroglyphics), Raashan (Crown City Rockers), Mykah9 (Freestyle Fellowship), and Bicasso (Living Legends).

memekast mk036 » 4 January 2009 » Mochipet

  1. Mochipet - BossPet - Master P on Atari MixTape
  2. Mochipet - You Got Your IDM In My DubStep Again! - Master P on Atari MixTape
  3. Mochipet - Complex Players Dub - Master P on Atari
  4. Mochipet - NDVendetta - Light The Fuse EP
  5. Jantsen - Jazzstepa Masher - Unreleased
  6. Mochipet - It Ain't Trickin If Ya Got It - Master P on Atari
  7. Mochipet - Master P on Atari - Master P on Atari
  8. Mochipet - Robo Crunk Juice - Master P on Atari
  9. Mochipet - Turbo Thizz Petnation - Master P on Atari
  10. Mochipet - Sumo Hertz - Master P on Atari
  11. Mochipet - Marshall Bass Stacks vs. Lil Wayne - A Milli - Master P on Atari Mixtape

Upcoming Shows:

  • Jan 15: Bass Camp @ 111 Minna
  • Jan 17: Symbiosis party @ Kelly's Mission Rock
  • Feb 6: Chinese New Year @ 1015
  • Feb 7: Gem & Jam Tucson Arizona w/ Ghostland Observatory and Prefuse73
  • Feb 14: Made In Glitch w/ Megasoid - Tokyo
  • Mar 13: Asian American Film Festival @ 111 Minna
  • Mar 14: San Antonio TX
  • Mar 20: Daly City @ SXSW - San Antonio TX



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  • ohhh snap!

    I think i just peed in my office chair.

    time to switch chairs with the boss =)

  • That set was amazing! A great way to get the memekast back on track!

  • Sick set. Funky, glitchy, heavy, fun.
    Proper to bring back the memekast.
    Loving it around 23:10.
    Thanks for this!

  • Liked it.
    But that last song was pretty annoying with that bouncy voice shit.

  • I just really weirded out the other two scientists in my office by dancing through that entire set.

  • Wow ish, this whole movement is just getting started, and it hasn't reach the zenit yet. This mix is an exact proof of this statement. Or am i the only person who thinks that is just getting deeper and sicker from release to release? Simply mind bombin', beat crushin', zigga zigging ish. Greetings from the far, beat undernourished, country of Hungary.

    • Yeah, i think 2009 has a lot in store for us - it really feels like there's a massive surge of creativity right now, and folks like Mochipet are just relentlessly pushing forward, and not just crossing genre boundaries but really dismantling them. Because the more we push against those boundaries, the less real they are, and the more "old school" it seems to just stay cleanly within them.

      So glad to hear from you - i'm not sure how we ended up with listeners in Hungary, but looking at our stats, we seem to have a bunch.

      You should also check out http://www.temporalfusion.com if you haven't already. It's another podcast, a little more drum & bass centered, but they do really reach across those genre boundaries i clearly have so little respect for, with recent sets from the Gaslamp Killer (sick, sick instrumental hip hop), the Glitch Mob, and Propa Tingz (aka Breakbeat Buddha), among others. Definitely worth a listen...

  • Absolutely relentless... nice!

  • oh hell yes, so glad you guys are back. was starting to get worried!

  • No doubt, this set is SIIICK. Thanks so much to Mochipet for dropping this on us, and thanks to everyone who tuned in!

    Sorry some of your comments took a while to show up, not sure what happened there but i'll try to figure out a fix for it. If you register your comments will show up instantly, otherwise they have to be moderated. It's just to try to control comment spam, we'll work on another solution.

  • This one's in the race for the sickest mix on memekast alongside Audiovoid and Kraddy!

    Absolutely insane!

    All love from Romania!

  • Mochipet - golden man!
    like it!

  • This is his best mix ever. Period. Memekast, you're lucky bastards.

  • Silly sick mix.Funny stuffs!But I think that is rather cool different from others.Like it.Haha

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