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memekast mk026 » Genji

This episode we bring you a set from Genji (Syatic Media, Loud Ass Bastards, Word of Mouth). Originally hailing from Atlanta, Genji has been making music since 1990, and DJing since 2000. In 2002 he bounced to SoCal and then up to the Bay, making appearances alongside RAW, Infiltrada, Mr. Projectile, Boreta, RD, and many others. Current projects include collaborations with Pusher (as Toeknuckle), Audiovoid (as Exact Change), Beytah, Dirt, and more.

For episode 26 he lays down a deep, churning morass of glitched out dubstep and whompy electrostep...

memekast mk026 » 21 November 2007 » Genji

  1. Boxcutter - November
  2. Djunya - Ites
  3. Tech itch - Winter
  4. Spektrum - Sunday Retake (Genji Remix)
  5. Dirt - The Dagger and the Shadow
  6. Rob Dowell - Stick Figures (Fine Cut Bodies Remix)
  7. Beytah - Hospital Gown (Genji & Spektrum Remix)
  8. Ooah - Tubstomper
  9. Dirt - Untitled Jam (Edit)
  10. Si Begg -The Tyranny of Pesto (Dave Seied Remix)
  11. Vibesquad - Kaleidoscone
  12. Dave Seied & Jantsen - Original Nuttah (Remix)
  13. Bil Bless - Punchin Holes
  14. Audiovoid - Slutmaster (Resynthesize Remix)




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  • Whatever happened to the announcer stating stuff like 'she' did on KRaddy's mix (ala porn star,rock star and dropping the bottom out of [her.])? I miss the comments folks...

  • Lovely dark and funky brain invading stuff. I know it's good when it feels like an alien virus is being downloaded into my cerebellum.

  • deliciously awesome. My brain has been infiltrated.

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    dope mix, excellent finish ;)

  • Nice one Bruvva!

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    The mix is siqazzz ell! I fiend for more of that last 6min....what would I class that in? Sounds like progressive minimal breaks. Please......put that schidt on the plate...I'll eat till I'm wieghing 2tons! AudioVoid? Resynthesize? point me where I can spend my money.....You are on my top praise platform fo'sho' playa'...I'm Rob, sweatydancer Hawaii

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