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raindance: 6/01 @ saratoga springs

raindance.jpgIt's that time again... Time for the annual Raindance Campout!

This years lineup is insane! With an all star cast of musicians such as Opiuo, Quade, Vibesquad, Heyoka, Minnesota, Love & Light, Digital Rust, Phutureprimitive and NastyNasty.

Also featuring Memekast residents, Spektrum, Dabis and Cumulus. As well as past Memekast selectors Mihkal, Ana Sia, Kitty-D, Digital Honey, ill.Gates and SatsiSonik just to name a few.

3 Full Days of Music, Dancing, Art, Camping, Fun, Swimming, Hiking, Learning, Loving, Growing... with your favorite people!

Opiuo * Krafty Kuts * A.Skillz and Dynamite MC * Vibesquad * Ill Gates * Heyoka

NastyNasty * Ana Sia * Phutureprimitive * Eliot Lipp (Live) * Adham Shaik * Minnesota

Liberation Movement (live) * Love N Light * Onra (France) * Salva * David Starfire

Samples * Russ Liquid * Christan Martin * Jphlip * Worthy * Little John * Mozaic

Digital Rust * Kitty-D * Fort Knox five vs. Thunderball * Kaminanda * Sunmonx(AU)

Shawna * Lafa Taylor (Live Band) * Quade * RKidz (Lawgiverz) * El Papa Chango

Bogle * Thriftworks * Bass Cadet * Ant Acid (Live) * Nanda * Knowa Know One

Majitope * Clay Chollar * Spektrum * Rob Monroy * Malarkey * Mihkal * Stridah

Digital Honey * Dragonfly * Hypnotech * Wala * LeafyGreen * Neptune * Dax * Dabis

Cumulus * Aaron Jae * Keone * Tony in Orbit * Andrew The Pirate & Smasheltooth

Ryan Jay * Satchi Ohm * Ananda * Zaggasaurus * Subsonic Drops * Lunch Tray

Rastatronics * SkulldDrops * Cello Joe * SatsiSonik * Mal Label DJ's * Alabaster Kane

DJ 1 more * DJ Ipod + Special Guests & More TBA as we get closer to the date

Performance, Workshops, and Visionary Forums information coming soon!

We are limited to selling 600 tickets and we want you there, so please don't wait!

Ticket Link -

There will be a limited amount of "in store tickets" available May 1st at the usual spots (Streetlight Records in Santa Cruz and Distractions in San Francisco)

We will open doors at noon on Friday and close at noon on Monday.

Music will be nonstop. You know how we do!

Carpool Carpool Carpool!


Please visit - Raindance Presents for up to date venue, vending, volunteer and all other information.

Ticket Link -


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