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Memekast resident Dabis' last mix was back on 4/20 of 2011, and now he's back for another run. This selection takes us on a journey into the deep and dark depths of half time Drum & Bass and Footwork. Many of these selections encapsulate the terms "progressive" and "minimal", while still holding a theme and intention that feels clear the whole way through.

Sometimes less is more. The evolution of the experience of sound changes as we age. One could say the same thing about Dabis. Minimalism is a recurring theme that is becoming more evident with our culture and also with his style. Delving into a set with Dabis is akin to watching the seasons change; at times the weather is tumultuous, a cause for concern. Other times it's as fun as diving into a pile of leaves on an autumn afternoon. The only constant to expect is change.

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memekast mk082 » 04 February 2014 » Dabis

  1. Fre4knc - Marching Cube
  2. Entropy - Hydro, War & Mateba
  3. Footworks - Thing
  4. 8barr - Sam Binga
  5. Rusty Swing Set - Thomas B
  6. Soul Truth - Gerwin
  7. Slippin' - Spectrasoul
  8. Pensile Dreamer Part 1 - Calyx, Teebee, & Polar
  9. Salat - Brat Leeks & What the Funk
  10. Wobbegong - Big Bud
  11. Yukon - Dub Phizix
  12. Just Like You - Naibu (Fracture's Astrophonica Remix)
  13. Show Me Your Mind - J.Robinson
  14. Division 3 - Ruffhouse
  15. Correction Coming Forward VIP - The Untouchables
  16. Skull & Bones - Dabs ft MC Kwality (Sam Binga Remix)
  17. Move Way - dBridge & Skeptical
  18. Dem Pirates VIP - The Untouchables
  19. Gunshotta - Machinedrum (Fracture's Astroponica Remix)
  20. If You Go Away - Gamma
  21. I Used to Be Like You - Mako


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