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Welcome back! We wanted to have someone special to roll out our 75th episode, and wrap up 2012. Who better than Freddy Todd? His most current release, Sick in the City, Alive in the Woods just came out via our friends over at Adapted Records. The whole album is a constant challenge to what Glitch Hop "is". His versatility and constantly evolving style make him hardly the type of producer that you can label as being in this genre, or that genre.

Freddy also has another recent free EP, Gourmet Everything also out on Adapted Records with previous Memekast selector, Mr. Bill, featuring remixes from Circuit Bent and our own resident, Tha Fruitbat.

The next year and beyond is looking huge for Freddy. He was just added to the ever expanding roster at Circle Talent Agency, where he joins the likes of Excision, Datsik, EOTO, Dieselboy, Noisia and a huge list of other world class talent.

Thanks again for listening, and Happy New Year!

Upcoming shows

  • 12/21 - Detroit, MI w/ GRiZ & Jaws That Bite
  • 12/31 - Chicago, IL - NYE at The Portage w/ Eliot Lipp, Jazzsteppa, Indigo Sun, Nunca Duerma + more
  • 1/18 - Grand Rapids, MI w/ The Skeetones
  • 1/19 -  Flagstaff, AZ 

memekast mk075 » 29 December 2012 » Freddy Todd

  1. Freddy Todd - Alive In The City
  2. Freddy Todd - Handler
  3. Freddy Todd - BounT (unreleased)
  4. Freddy Todd - I Feel Right
  5. Stephan Jacobs - In The Vortex (Freddy Todd's HecticMode Remix)
  6. Freddy Todd - Grip Platter (ill-esha Remix) (unreleased)
  7. Freddy Todd - Sunblap To The Soul
  8. Mr. Bill & Freddy Todd - Bloss (Circuit Bent Remix)
  9. Freddy Todd - Thriver (Spliff Edit Intermission)
  10. Dysphemic - Robot Glitch (Freddy Todd Remix)
  11. Freddy Todd - Out Of All The Sounds
  12. Freddy Todd - Nappy Blastphemy 
  13. Freddy Todd - Triple Entendre
  14. Freddy Todd - Thriver
  15. Mr. Bill & Freddy Todd - Gourmet Everything
  16. Mr. Bill & Freddy Todd - Gourmet Everything (Tha Fruitbat Remix)
  17. Freddy Todd - Junglemelts 
  18. Freddy Todd - Gather Masters
  19. VibeSquaD - Ruthless Rabbit (Freddy Todd Remix)


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