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It's time for a resident mix! This episode comes to us from our very own Seventh Swami. His last Memekast was in 2007, and aside from a couple of releases on Muti Music, we haven't heard a lot out of him. He's been off the grid, living and doing some soul searching, occasionally surfacing for a booking here and there by his crews, Want It! and the Ambient Mafia. What he puts down for episode 74 is oozing with soul and sexiness. It's a mix made for the Summer.

DJ, Producer, Graphic Designer and “Missionary of Music”, Seventh Swami delivers an eclectic mix of musical styles. Ranging from downtempo to glitch and dubstep… Melodic and beat-oriented Swami’s music is spiritually up lifting, original and always thought-provoking. 

Known for drawing inspiration from hardship, Swami is currently engaged in a soul-searching sabbatical; occasionally emerging from the fog to present his auditory findings. Stay tuned for updates from the fray...

Free Download of Seventh Swami's new Memekast exclusive release!

Seventh Swami-Head Heart and Heavens by Memekast

memekast mk074 » 1 July 2012 » SeventhSwami

  1. Seventh Swami - Spacewalk (Turn A)
  2. Mimosa - Keys to the City
  3. Gladkill - Insomnia
  4. jOBOT and Ill-Esha - Fossils
  5. Seventh Swami - The Art of Letting Go
  6. Mila (Feat. Malaine Snow) - Markus Whaley
  7. Goth-Trad - Man in the Maze
  8. Echo Wanderer - Gham Dub
  9. Bakir - Going Down Slow
  10. Formless and Noman - Encounter
  11. R/D feat Swan - Wishbone (Sidecar Tommy Remix)
  12. +Verb - Cough (Samples and Crowdrock Remix)
  13. Zookeeper & Helatrobus - Samsara
  14. Ruff Hauser - Flossed
  15. Smoke Sign - Welcome to Neo India
  16. Chroma Key - When You Drive


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