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For this episode, we give you a uniquely crafted mix of favorites and originals by Bay Area up and comer Tinker.  Fresh back from her Hawaiian Tour in February, we asked her to give us a taste of what the hype is all about.  She absolutely delivered, sharing a selection of bumping tunes with tight basslines, wonky beats, and playful melodies. After setting the vibe with a cheeky remix of Henry Mancini's Pink Panther Theme, the mix slinks along with attitude, steadily increasing in tempo and injecting high levels of head-nodding bass and beats into your blood stream, warping your brain and stealing your heart. This one's not to be missed.

Appropriately nicknamed "galaxy beat girl" and the "mind-and-genres-bender," love of arpeggiation, 8 bit textures, and space age beats, are the hallmarks of Tinker's fresh sound.  She has a captivating presence, earned through years of dance and fire-performance, inspiring audiences to swoon at her lush sonics or dance like mad at her driving beats and bass.  Tinker is the resident laptop mistress of the long-standing and well-respected San Francisco arts collective False Profit. She is a fast-blossoming producer in her own right and is currently working on her debut EP, producing tunes in the realm of Future Beats, Galactic Crunk, and WonkyStep.


Upcoming Events

  • 5/17-21 - Pyramid Lake, NV - Symbiosis Gathering
  • 6/2 - Oakland, CA - HOME BASS @ The New Parrish
  • 6/29 - Belden, CA - Priceless Festival
  • Website: tinkerbeats.com
  • Facebook: facebook.com/tinkerbeats
  • SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/tinker-beats
  • Booking:

memekast mk071 » 26 March 2012 » Tinker

  1. Yheti - Pink Shlumper
  2. Kalya Scintilla - The Velvet Squish
  3. Thriftworks - Trotter
  4. Kuhn - Slime Beach
  5. Pixelord - Keramika (Naive Machine Remix)
  6. Moscow - Mind Shine
  7. B-Ju - Gobble Gobble
  8. Robot Koch - Vortex Cookies (Flako Remix)
  9. Rihanna - Rude Boy (Hovatron Remix)
  10. Tinker - Blip Skip
  11. Manuele Atzenti - Bum! Clack!
  12. Mosca - Tilt Shift
  13. Pixelord - Imaginary Friends


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