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Episode 67 takes us to down to Santa Cruz, where we catch up with Mad Zach. His latest release has been causing a stir in the West Coast bass community. While he might be a fresh face on the scene, he's definitely no stranger to writing a good beat, having already released a full album, Wolf Spiders with collaborator R2 The Specialist. He also released a new EP entitled The Devil's Dancehall which came out on Muti Music in November.

Even when he's not writing music, Zach stays involved in the EDM scene through various jobs and projects. He works for the music technology blog DJ Tech Tools as a video producer, photographer and a product designer. He's also the owner of Custom MIDI Controllers, where he builds custom midi controllers for DJ's and producers all over the world. You can expect to hear some new music from Zach, forthcoming on Muti Music and through his own label, which he plans to start later this year, focusing on "more psychedelic and thought provoking experimentations."

I use mostly field recordings and analog synths for my sounds. For example all the sounds in "Grandma's Garage" came literally from me playing my grandma's garage like an instrument, banging shovels and knocking on windows, opening the garage door rhythmically, etc. Throughout the mix you'll hear all kinds of different pieces of my life at different times and places. The idea is to turn the sounds of life into an instrument. When I arrange the songs I look for deep psychedelic and full body experiences. In all my tracks I aim to explore the cutting edge of perception and expectation.

—Mad Zach

"...simply jaw-droppingly fresh.” —JunoDownload.com

"Love it . Great work and looking forward to hearing more. Sweet!"" —FreQ Nasty

"Very promising work from one to watch… bated motherfucking BREATH!" —Ill.Gates

Upcoming Events

  • 2/23 - San Francisco, CA - Temple Night Club
  • 3/15 - San Francisco, CA - Shine
  • Website: madzach.com
  • Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/mad-zach
  • Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Mad-Zach/197723080239886
  • Twitter: twitter.com/madzach1
  • For booking info:

memekast mk067 » 07 February 2012 » Mad Zach

  1. Mad Zach - Grandma's Garage
  2. Mad Zach - Mobber
  3. Mad Zach - Falling into the Mine
  4. Mad Zach - Rampage
  5. Mad Zach - Wailering in the Moonshine
  6. Mad Zach - Mafia Lines
  7. Mad Zach - None on the Space
  8. Mad Zach - My Hand is a Million
  9. Mad Zach - Deathtrap


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    this shits wild

  • The only way for words to succeed even marginally in describing the awesome power of this set is to admit that they can't come close.

    I particularly enjoyed Grandma's Garage, Mobber, Falling into the Mine, Rampage, Wailering in the Moonshine, Mafia Lines, None on the Space, My Hand is a Million, and Deathtrap.

    Oh, shit, that's the whole set.

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