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It's been a minute since we've heard a mix from Memekast resident Audiovoid. For episode 66, he starts it bouncing with his signature grinding crunchy mid tempo style, occasionally teasing in the pretty stuff, including Bassnectar’s remix of Fever Ray's When I Grow Up and even a new remix of NovaTRON's Fugue Regolar from our buddy Heavenly Father. The midtempo progression gradually bumps more and more, finally settling in on his own track Scared Slitless. Finally he lets the momentum of the mix take over, unleashing a barrage of twisted electro and dubstep heaters all the way up to drum & bass and back down again. Especially notable mixes include Culprate's Finger VIP into Audiovoid's re-edit of the Feed Me tune Cloudburn, then into Cutline's Runnin' Ft. Belle Humble VIP. The range of genres and sub genres that are explored, and the ability that he has to tie them all together, are refreshing to say the least. And he does it all while staying true to his own style. He seamlessly moves through tempos and constantly mixes it up with original tunes and re-edits. Score.

What's coming up for Audiovoid? He has a current project with Tha Fruitbat called Ishimura that you should definitely watch out for, as well as a track with Knowa Knowone which should be seeing the light this Summer on a compilation from our friends at Muti Music. And some really BIG collaborations that we can't tell you about just yet. Just keep your ears holes wide open and he'll get them filled up soon enough. He's now accepting bookings for Spring/Summer 2012. Do not sleep!

  • Facebook: facebook.com/audiovoid.layerz
  • Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/audiovoid
  • Discogs: discogs.com/artist/audiovoid
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memekast mk066 » 29 January 2012 » Audiovoid

  1. 00:00 - Audiovoid - Summertime Nostalgia
  2. 03:29 - Circuit Bent vs Mr. Bill - Salt Water 
  3. 06:13 - Audiovoid - Periwig
  4. 07:51 - Document One - Forgive Me (Heist Remix) - (PART)
  5. 08:57 - Fever Ray - When I Grow Up (Bassnectar remix)
  6. 10:21 - NovaTRON - Fugue Regolare (HeavenlyFather Remix)
  7. 11:29 - Noisestorm-Backlash (Part)
  8. 12:45 - Audiovoid - Scared Slitless  
  9. 14:41 - Culprate - Finger V.I.P. 
  10. 17:58 - Feed Me - Cloudburn ft. Tasha Baxter (Audiovoid Re-Edit)
  11. 21:21 - Cutline - Runnin' Ft. Belle Humble V.I.P. 
  12. 23:35 - Mr Bungle - Desert Search For Techno Allah (Audiovoid Bootleg Rmx)
  13. 26:02 - Culprate - Unknown Dub  (Melamin & wickid sway Remix)
  14. 29:12 - Terravita - Freak Out (Audiovoid Re-Edit, Inc parts from Malente & Dex - Bassnectar & Ill Gates RMX)
  15. 32:08 - Diesel - Panic Attack
  16. 33:59 - Bassnectar - Upside Down (Bassnectar & Terravita Remix)
  17. 37:18 - Digital - Deadline (PART)
  18. 38:02 - Son Of Kick - Playing The Villain (Machinedrum Rmx)
  19. 42:17 - Tasha Baxter - The Journey (Culprate & Twist Remix)


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