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For this episode we stay at home in the Bay Area to bring you just under an hour long mix from MiHKAL (mee·KALL), which stands for "Music I Have Known And Loved". We've been big fans of MiHKAL's for quite some time, having seen him develop and fine tune his signature style over the past few years. Combining smooth sexy beats, custom mashups and glitched out vocals with exclusive tunes from some of glitch hop's most prominent artist's, we're sure this mix will keep your head nodding for months to come.

Perfecting the art of audio alchemy, MiHKAL approaches his musical creative process as a chemist synthesizing a newfound molecule. Blending an omnitude of genres and tempos into a seamless bass induced euphoria, MiHKAL brings both the light and dark elements into harmony with melodic rhythms intertwined with heavy bass lines. Whether serving the crowd a plate of face slapping bass with a side of womp sauce or raising the vibe with higher frequency melodic soundscapes, he puts intention into his performance just as a shaman would, guiding his ceremony.

  • Find MiHKAL on Facebook: facebook.com/musicihaveknownandloved
  • For more mixes and music from MiHKAL: soundcloud.com/mihkal
  • For booking information email:

memekast mk062 » 8 December 2011 » MiHKAL

  1. Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill (Stylust Beats Remix)
  2. Santogold - Starstruck (MiHKAL REMiXXX)
  3. Freddy Todd & S.P.E.C.T.R.E - Space Cowboy
  4. Dev79 ft. Slix - Get 2 Know (Gladkill Remix)
  5. Busta Rhymes ft. Lil Wayne - Look At Me Now (Slim Thugz Remix)
  6. Simplex - Neutralize
  7. MiM0SA & ill Gates - Never Alone
  8. Aerosmith - Dream On (GRiZ REmix)
  9. Mix n' Blend - Get Crunk With Jesus
  10. Kreayshawn vs. Beats Antique (I got remix) - Antique Gucci (Cryptex Reglitch)
  11. Drake - November 18th (Stratus Remix)
  12. ChrisB. - On The Grind
  13. T.I. - Poppin Bottles (More Champagne Remix)
  14. Unlimited Gravity - Monumentalness


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