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memekast mk061 » Mr. Bill

For this episode we go to New South Wales, Australia to bring you Mr. Bill. If you haven't heard of Bill before, we're not too surprised. He's been sort of under the radar until recently but we think this mix will get your attention.

Recent credits include remixes for Vaetxh and Bluetech, as well as collaborations with Bran Richards and our own resident Tha Fruitbat.

My name is Bill, however I am currently more well known for writing and performing electronic music under the pseudonym Mr. Bill. This project is based around evocation, I like to write music that excites the ear and the brain. This requires me to explore all sorts of strange production methods and musical theories to keep exciting my senses.

Mr. Bill also teaches Electronic Music Production in Ableton Live with a series of subscription based video tutorials focusing primarily on sound design, synthesis, and workflow. The tutorials are available on his website, Mr. Bill's Tunes, by registering and becoming a paid subscriber. Subscription also gives you access to Bill's Ableton Live devices, samples, and even Ableton project files. There are also free tutorials and articles available to non-members.

  • Mr. Bill's website: mrbillstunes.com
  • Mr. Bill on SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/mrbillstunes
  • Become a fan on Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Mr-Bill/113024928709009
  • Booking Inquiries:

memekast mk061 » 21 November 2011 » Mr. Bill

  1. Vaetxh - Mass (Mr. Bill Remix)
  2. Mr. Bill vs Tha Fruitbat - Refraction
  3. Mr. Bill vs Blatwax - Hell Ornate Shit
  4. Mr. Bill vs Tha Fruitbat - Pteroplex
  5. Mr. Bill vs Bran Richards - Tinsel (First Half)
  6. Mr. Bill - Staunch
  7. Mr. Bill vs Bran Richards - Tinsel (End Section)
  8. Mr. Bill vs Tha Fruitbat - Pteroplex (End Section)
  9. Bluetech - Unidentified Flying Octopus (Mr. Bill Remix)
  10. Mr Bill - No.. IT rents your sim...
  11. Mr. Bill - Spatiala


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