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memekast mk060 » Genji

For this episode we take you back to the Bay Area for another appearance from Memekast resident Genji. This mix is a bit of a departure from the sounds of his previous Memekast, in 2007. An exploration in texture and movement, the dark, grinding bass and copious crunch of mk026 was both moody and heady, but with enough solid grooves and glitchy rhythms to keep your head bobbing.

For our 60th episode, it seems Genji really wants you to take notice. The tracks he selects are, for the most part, massive. Starting out with thick, driving, swung beats and huge, twisting resonant bass lines and finishing with some of the most bangin' electro we've heard recently. We're hoping that more people will take notice of both Genji's impeccable track selection and technical skills as a DJ. He has been one of the Bay Area's best kept secrets for a few years now... Let's hope that changes soon.

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memekast mk060 » 13 November 2011 » Genji

  1. AC Slater - Hello (Neon Steve Remix)
  2. Bacon Head - Buh Buh Buh (Re-Edit)
  3. Koan Sound - Can You Hear Us?
  4. Culprate - Test 6
  5. Koan Sound - Max Out
  6. Ear Jerker - Bazaar Friends
  7. Feed Me - Pink Lady
  8. Noisia - Alpha Centauri
  9. Boemklatsch - Think Big (Noisia Remix)
  10. Culprate - Tooth Fairy


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