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We decided to chill out this week and not book the bangers, this episode comes from Rena Jones' new music label, Cartesian Binary. We've followed and been fans of Rena and her many projects for a long time. We met up with her recently in San Francisco and she gave us a preview of some of the music featured on her label's new album, so we asked her if she wanted any of her artists do a mix for us. After keeping in contact over the last few weeks, she sent a beautiful moody piece comprised of select tracks from the album Cloud 11 , mixed by b0t23. We hope you like it.

After about a year of work, planning, writing, contacting peeps, transcontinental collabs, and several studio visits, Rena Jones' Cartesian Binary Recordings presents its first compilation offering in the form of Cloud 11 With Funckarma ft Rena Jones, Helios, EVAC ft Rena Jones, Komposit, Hands Upon Black Earth, Ben Milstein, Phidelity, Disonaur, gasp, The Moving Dawn Orchestra, Field Rotation and the Abominable Twitch and sprinkles of collaborations with Rena on strings throughout the album. Covering a wide spectrum of downtempo, IDM, electro-acoustic, dub and broken beat. It is one of the many new additions to the growing roster of Cartesian Binary Recordings.

A bit about b0t23 aka Beau Crouch:

b0t23 originally began dj'ing in the 90s at underground events in the Southern California area. Later joined the Experimental Liquor Museum with artists R/D, Ben Milstein, and dj's Trichome and T.L. Smith. He moved to Portland Oregon in 2005 and has performed at events in places like the UK, the Pacific Northwest, and all over California, such as the legendary Moontribe events.

Collaborative and solo tracks have appeared on the Portland, Oregon record label Buried in Time as b0t23 and also as Databrokers with Jeremy Goldstein aka EVAC, and on Colony Productions (a UK label originally started by Tipper) as Munky vs. R0b0t with Gabe Morley (Logreybeam/Yasume). A recent re-master of Logreybeam's debut release featured a remix by b0t23. A solo track was also released on Touchin' Bass, a UK record label run by long time dj and recording artist Andrea Parker.

For more about Cartesian Binary, visit:

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memekast mk056 » 18 May 2011 » Cloud 11 (Cartesian Binary mix by b0t23)

  1. Funckarma ft Rena Jones - Ymadyn
  2. Phidelity - Cloud Architecture
  3. gasp - Ubique
  4. Funckarma ft Rena Jones - The Magnetic Flip (8D)
  5. Komposit - Pma Pnku
  6. EVAC ft Rena Jones - What Once Was West
  7. Ben Milstein - Homage


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