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To celebrate our 50th Memekast we are teaming up with ill.Gates to announce the launch of the new illGates.com and releasing a 20:11 megamix featuring all the heaviest ill.Gates releases along with two new bangers, complete with elephants and muthafuckin' monkeys*! We got a chance to preview the new site last week when we co-hosted the Sound Theories Workshop. If you are at all interested in being a DJ, digital music production, or in the psychology behind how music makes you feel. You should check out the new illGates.com. It's full of information, videos, tips, tricks and loads of freebies.

"The first new track is a remix of King Kapisi's Safari created with Kiwi badman Flex during the No Sleep Til Tokyo tour, the second new track is a Drumstep remix of T.O.B.’s Decoy written with Muti mastermind Dov."

+ 30 Minutes of New Tutorial Videos!

In celebration of this momentous occasion we are making available a 20:11 teaser mix chock full of ill.Gates bangers... and we have unleashed 30 minutes of new tutorial videos which demonstrate the ill.Gates Studio and DJ Templates.

This launch is the first trickle in what promises to be a torrent of new ill.Gates content. Between The ill.Methodology album, the free giveaway album, remix albums and the educational hub we have been very busy at The .Gates Foundation... It is an exciting time for us and it's only just begun.

Come on by, grab a download, maybe learn a thing or two and tell your friends!

-The .Gates Foundation


"Used by ill.Gates, Bassnectar, Vadim and others every single week to rock some of the craziest parties in the world, it is designed to be efficient, powerful, and let you rock intuitively on your midi controller via muscle memory. Say goodbye to that "laptop face" and jokes by your mates that you spend half your set reading emails or trying to solve complicated physics problems. This is going to get YOU working the mixer and midi controller like a pro in no time.

"This template has been a real labor of love. It's got everything I would ever want in a template and it is extremely easy and intuitive to use. I am sure you will get a lot of mileage out of it. It has been designed for an M-Audio Trigger Finger (default preset 11), but can be adapted to any controller with aftertouch. I am going to upload versions of the template for other controllers once I get my hands on them, but for now the Trigger Finger version should do just fine."


Youtube tutorials:
Ableton DJ template
Ableton Studio template


  1. King Kapisi - Safari (ill.Gates + Flex Remix)*
  2. Malente + Dex ft. New Kidz - Lions (ill.Gates + Bassnectar Remix)
  3. ill.Gates + Meesha - Sweatshop (Antiserum Remix)
  4. Masia One ft. Vybz Machine - In Di Streets (ill.Gates + Meesha Remix)
  5. Bassnectar - Boombox (ill.Gates + Bassnectar Remix)
  6. Opiuo - Monkey Crunk (ill.Gates + Samples Remix)
  7. ill.Gates + Bassnectar - Encore (Original Mix)
  8. T.O.B. - Decoy (ill.Gates + Dov Remix)*

* No elephants or monkeys were harmed during the production of this material. Pinky swear.


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