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For this show we got a visit from Tha Fruitbat, reporting from Sacramento with a collection of originals and remixes. It's fast, hard breakbeat and electro — glitched, chopped, and beaten like the redheaded bastard lovechild of Si Begg, Aaron Spectre, and Audiovoid, having slipped each other GHB in the secretly shared hopes of setting off just such an unholy union. Don't picture it.

Moving right along... Tha Fruitbat has his hands in several collaborative projects as well, including 8-bit glitch crunk group Two Playa Game, and Hysterisis Loop, a long-standing live electronic group which he founded. Hysterisis Loop is working on a long player for LunaticWorks, due to drop this summer with guest appearances by Angel Zero and psyche-breakbeat pioneer Jack Dangers.

Catch Tha Fruitbat June 4 at El Rincon in SF for Trauma, and at the Stilldream 9 year anniversary event on June 19-21 (along with a ton of other Memekast guests and residents) in Northern California (more data to come).

memekast mk039 » 27 April 2009 » Tha Fruitbat

  1. Modern Dynamics-Fruitbat
  2. Lost Angeles-Giorgio Moroder (Fruitbat Mash-up/Remix)
  3. Big Head/Housenutttz-Miss Jade(Fruitbat mash-up/Remix)
  4. Breakggs-Fruitbat
  5. Ghetto Hot!!-Azrock(Fruitbat Mash-up/Remix)
  6. Beastmachine-Fruitbat
  7. Electric Booty Juice-Fruitbat

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    This One is a Banger.


  • user-pic

    Apt description for this one, this is some super sick twisted electro breaks earhole devastation. Big ups Evan!

  • good GOD!

  • beefy. fine music to drink beer to in the morning hours after a long evening of psychedelic excursion. feels the way *download* (aka skinny puppy) got me a fired up back in high school. nice to experience music like this tearing up my speakers.

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