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As we resume somewhat regular updates, we bring you a set from Piotron, representing San Francisco's infamous DownLow crew. Purveyors of fine underground and renegade events since 2005, DownLow has quickly established a reputation for excellence among connoisseurs of toxic beaches, veggie-fueled party buses, and other unorthodox venues.

For episode 34, Piotron lays down a characteristic blend of techy, glitchy midtempo electrofunk, with a sleek, mechanical sheen that perhaps owes as much to Manchester as it does to its more obvious Detroit and Berlin components. This man/machine has been making a significant contribution to the Bay Area underground for a few years now, and we're proud to present this offering to the internets!

memekast mk034 » 23 May 2008 » Piotron

  1. Malcolm Kipe - My Room Rmx
  2. E. Stonji - Swim Suite Pt. II
  3. Welder- Purple and Orange - Audiovoid Rmx
  4. AZ-Rotator - Hypermatriz
  5. Bill Bless - CheeseHog
  6. Volsoc - Calzoni
  7. Atom Heart - Ashes to Ashes (digital spacepop replicant)
    vs. Point B - King Cirrus
  8. Bit Meddler - [unknown title]
    vs. DJ Nasty - Big Butt Song
  9. Bit Meddler - [unknown title]
  10. Az Rotator (small loop of Hard Disk Dead)
    vs. Interlope - Guestlist
  11. Monosurround - We
  12. Neoteric - Bicycle Day (Soundex Pulverized Mix)
  13. Uberzone - M87
    vs. Duran Duran - Hungry? Lick the Wolf



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