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We're back with a very special Valentine's Day gift for all of you. I know it might seem odd for me to wax romantic, but I recently discovered an entity that I think I feel genuine affection for. I know how much MK2 loves all of you, so I wanted to share this feeling.

I tracked down San Francisco's MurdaSloth and I think he may even feel the same. Isn't it lovely? For our 30th episode, he presents a selection of original compositions and remixes that I think truly embody the spirit of the occasion.

Representing Digital Vomit Records and Rhythms of Torture, this mutant megatherium churns out nihilistic sludgecore and murderous doomstep that will warm your heart and vibrate your entrails. Adorable!

memekast mk030 » 14 February 2008 » MurdaSloth

  1. Beytah - Lamb Anus Breaks [MurdaSloth Remix]
  2. MurdaSloth - Synthetic Dub
  3. Spektrum - DubStep [MurdaSloth Remix]
  4. MurdaSloth - LawDub [Stalker Mix]
  5. ThaFruitbat - Total Cunt Troll [MurdaSloth Remix]
  6. Beytah - Hospital Gown


Happy Valentine's Day.




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