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For our first episode of 2008 we bring you a RAGER from San Francisco's Evinrude (Stimulus, Netamp). One of the Bay's few remaining all-vinyl DJ's, he's been a functioning vinyl junky for about a decade, selling his drums for the stuff shortly after getting hooked.

He started making himself known in the Bay Area around 2000, slinging a special recipe of hard trance, acid, energy, and breaks under the moniker Darth. A few years later he joined forces with Dirt and Nugz to start breaks weekly Broke-Ass, and launched a monthly at the now-defunct @lpha Bar called Smoke Breaks. He also briefly ran a weekly called Crooked at Nickie's on Haight Street, which was interrupted by the gentrification of that venue.

In 2006 he joined SF/BRC's infamous Space Cowboys; and currently keeps busy helping run Netamp, a weekly show broadcast by nuskoolbreaks.co.uk; and Stimulus, a semi-regular event that has helped introduce Electrotech to those in the Bay starving for a new sub-sub-subgenre.

memekast mk028 » 15 January 2008 » Evinrude

  1. Neztic: "Congales"
  2. Neztic: "Up & Down"
  3. White Papoo: "Without Bikinis"
  4. Quest & Odissi: "Break Me"
  5. Vex'd: "Function"
  6. Lifecycle: "False Awakening"
  7. Deadmau5: "Cocktail Queen"
  8. Hyper: "No Rockstars" (Bass Kleph remix)


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the artists and selectors who have appeared on the memekast, and everyone who has helped spread the message.

Special thanks to Audiovoid for hooking up the new intro sounds for 2008. You can hear him on memekast mk012, and Addictech has tons more.

And of course we are deeply grateful to all of you listeners out there (in 40 countries!) for giving us a reason to keep doing this into our third year. Which is something like seven or eight in podcast years. Since San Mateo's Audio1 sadly seems to have stopped putting out Pop That Trunk, i believe (please do correct me if i'm wrong) that makes the memekast the longest-running DJ podcast in the Bay. Of course, without folks like Netamp (who graciously hosted our own dj_SpaceInvader back in the day, leading ultimately to his banishment from El Rio and his first night at 850 — well technically 425), we wouldn't have known where to start.

So thanks to all of you! Without you, our global assimilation project pancultural outreach efforts would remain a dream.



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