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For magic episode 23, we turn the controls over to a self-proclaimed “missionary of music,” Sacramento’s SeventhSwami. Representing the Ambient Mafia, WantIt, and Escape Artists, Swami is the artchetypical DJ as shaman, his mission to “Raise more people’s spiritual awareness through the ecstatic dance experience.”

His methodology combines orthodox DJ methods with live sampling, digital effects, and improv remixing. His sound draws upon diverse influences including downtempo, IDM, hip-hop, and psytrance. The result is funky, intelligent, and decidedly Northern Californian.

memekast mk023 » 08 September 2007 » SeventhSwami

  1. BreakBeatBuddha :: Endurance
  2. Bassnectar :: Zigga Zigga
  3. LUX :: Interplanetary
  4. John Kelley :: Dye Sky Drive
  5. Interlope :: Earwig
  6. DJ Olive :: Rooster
  7. Cex :: Texas Menstruates
  8. Skeetaz :: Ogre
  9. Crunch :: Toe Tac Tic
  10. The Disciple Grin :: Yoke
  11. Edit :: Crying Over Pros For No Reason




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