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After intense trilateral negotiations, mk2 has secured the rights to an exclusive advance broadcast of the first installment in the GhettoBox Sessions mix series, featuring our own djSpaceInvader. Recorded at the GhettoBox on San Francisco's scenic Capp St, this dark and dutty transmission features many of our 8-bit villain's own edits, bashups, and refixes.

For best results, play extremely loud. Preferably in a poorly ventilated warehouse.

memekast mk022 » 23 August 2007 » dj_spaceInvader

  1. Dan Mangan - Little Snitch (Kraddy's Cash Rules Everything Around Me mix)
  2. Ce'Cile - Hot Like We
    vs. Crunch - Crookid
  3. Audiovoid - Body Rock
  4. Modeselektor ft. Puppetmastaz - Dark Side of the Sun
  5. Elephant Man - Booty Clap
    vs. Modeselektor - New Berlin Loft (edit)
  6. Machine Drum - Test Yo Strengths
  7. Lexie Lee - Warlord's Daughter
    vs. Tolcha - Damage
  8. Skyence - In Between
  9. Deadbeat - Turbulence
  10. Milanese - Caramel Cognac (edit)
  11. Skeetaz - Skeeters
  12. Phon.o - Barebeat
  13. Deework - Signs Recorder
  14. Marcus Kipe - The Machine
  15. Sebastian - H.A.L.



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from dj space invader » news on November 6, 2007 6:43 PM

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  • Ey, thanks 4 playing my tune - really appreciate that! Keep up the beats! ;)

    Cheers from gemany,

  • user-pic

    thanks for tuning in ^_^
    man that track is ILL – keep making shit like that and i'll keep playing it!

  • thick!

  • who is DJ Space Invader? digging the sets. any live shows upcoming in SF? thanks.

  • i'm not a muso and not in the habit of leaving msgs on musos' web pages but whoever u r, dj spaceinvader, ur a genius!

    all 4 of ur podcasts on the memekast thing r awesum (i luv the mash of "galang" and "justify my love" sumwhere).. howeva..

    i've developed a particular obsession with the ghettobox one...i'm into yoga, physiology, psychedelics and mood...woteva u've done in this mix is tapping into the space between vocals + percussion. eg percussive vowel sounds, etc... which is connected to kundalini yoga, magic mushrooms and glossolalia (which can sometimes be brought on by shrooms). eg the "h" sound that the vocalist in "hot like we" reminds me of a type of kundalini breathing and does something to my body + mood when i either hear it or mimic it

    u have an excellent ear for percussion... keep channelling woteva it is ur channelling!!

    cheers from australia

  • user-pic

    thanks so much for the kind words, and the close attention!

    i generally don't discuss too much about my secret formula ^_-
    but yes, it most definitely involves vocals as percussive agents, contributing directly to rhythmic entrainment, the fundamental first stage of my too-secret-to-be-patented process.

    for more (equally informative) data, you can visit my site: http://djspaceinvader.com/ , recently awakened from a long hibernation. i will be posting news, charts, events, and mixes over there.

    i don't have any gigs planned at the moment until january, but will certainly post on my site (and probably here) as soon as i have details on anything. i'll have subscriptions working on my site soon as well.

    apologies to both of you for the lag, glad you guys are digging it!

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    PS: i love musical genealogy, and giving credit where it's due, so... the beat you hear behind galang, though *also* in justify my love, is originally from a public enemy track ("security of the first world" from it takes a nation of millions...). and the genius behind mashing it with m.i.a. is x*rox soundsystem. they released it on teh internets a while back, unfortunately they don't seem to have a site anymore...

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    Thick, fat, mean...man what a mix. As a sound student i cant find many things that satisfy my ears, but the complexity and depth in your mixes really does the trick. On an unrelated matter, you dont happen to be the cat who leaves the small spaceinvader mosiacs throught the St Germain area in Paris?
    Keep fighting the good fight
    Ciao Ciao

    PS: coming to europe anytime soon?

  • thx 4the reply +the link - i found the little blurb about inducing hallucinations + physical spasms....hilarious, exactly wot i was thinking u were up to...i spose there must be some other musos out there who try to aim for similar responses but it's weird that urs stood out the most to me out of any i've heard in my life + u were so are obviously very conscious of it and ur blurb was very explicit about its main aim...psychic connection!

    *shame* at the lack of music genealogy knowledge...

    btw other ppl i reckon on this site that have their finger on the pulse r kitty d, dj traddy, ana sia, dov, audiovoid... actually most of them on this site r gems, they're all so slick... keep up the gd work, much appreciated.. i'm spreading the memekast word down here for ya ;-)

  • hey stranger. ;)

    finally catchin up with this whole podcast thing.
    i get to walk down the streets and catch up with you. it's nice. :)

    you and yours are soundin quite delicious.
    i hoep all is well with you.

    get at me. i'd like to touch base with ya.

  • user-pic

    AW shit guys look who jus' rolled up in here...
    good to see you checkin' in with us, and glad you've been taking yer meds on the go ^_-
    i'll be in touch real soon, i got a little time travel thing to take care of tonight.

    thanks so much for helping spread the message! we got some ozzies coming up in the rotation, keep yer eyes peeled...

    i know i said i'd post my next gig here, but it sold out immediately and there are ABSOLUTELY no tix at the door. i'm PLURing the crap outta NYE with false profit... actually i personally will be PLDRing the crap out of it cuz i think diversity is way more important. does make kind of a crappy acronym tho... oh well.


  • This mix has been on constant rotation in my car for the last month. Space Invader, you sir are the dopest of the dope...

    Is that Lexie Lee that drops your name (did you record her?) If it isn't she sounds identical to Lexie.

    I am so glad I found this site and can't wait to hear you live!!!

    Keep slayin, -Vinny.

  • user-pic

    thank you!!! we're glad you found us too!

    that IS in fact lexie lee, from a dubplate session i got a while back. i actually have a couple full tracks from that session, working on remixes for them now. the rest of the vocal in that particular track is obviously just the "official" release, only the part in the breakdown is from the dubs. expect to hear more next time around...

  • Dude, this mix is fucking SICK !! The audiovoid remix is SICK !!
    Shivers man

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