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Welder is a new addition to the West Coast. While he is also known for works released as Eskmo, which focus on a heavy, dance floor oriented sound, Welder represents his more melodic and subtle downtempo side. His debut LP Vines and Stream was released by Cyberset (SF) at the end of 2006 and has since been working in the studio on original works as well as collaborations with Rena Jones, Brian Seed, and Minus Music (featuring Knick from Evol Intent) to name a few.

A couple reviews from Vines and Stream...

"Vines frequently delights through its heavily melodic instrumentals hosting considerable atmospheres and wide sound palettes... oozing with melodic content." - Barcode Magazine

"Request it, listen to it, then buy it - you won't be disappointed." - Lounging Sound

For the memekast Welder has put together a set of 6 songs from the album and has added live keys, cuts and vocal tweeking to the mix.

memekast mk018 » 15 May 2007 » Welder

  1. isle of skye
  2. purple and orange
  3. distance
  4. ants are small
  5. find you here
  6. the heart

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