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MK2 resident selector Niles comes correct as FUCK this episode with 30 minutes of absolutely relentless electro. Don't be skerd, it will only hurt a little.

You definitely want to make sure the volume and bass are crunk way up for this one. That being said, MK2 would like to reiterate its standard disclaimer: we are not liable for any equipment damage, neurological/bodily harm, loss of sexual inhibition, or pissed off neighbors resulting from the use of our products.

memekast mk017 » 01 May 2007 » Niles

  1. 69db and mc tablloyd - tonight metal is booty
  2. the disciple grin - rez and noize
  3. milanese - peggy flynn III
  4. nosrep - diloper
  5. jnr hacksaw - serious filth
  6. limbertimbre - funny
  7. jade one - monnodyne
  8. c. mantle - the 1000 fingers of dr t
  9. the wee djs - fame
  10. ed devane - money for beer
  11. funnyvox - breakolage



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    limbre timbre = limbertimbre

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    this is ill, i love it!

  • Damn, this is hot shit. Now all of a sudden I'm naked.

  • Why doesn't this cat have any upcoming events?

  • Thank you to everyone who said they would check out my set, and then actually did what they said. Much love being sent your way! I’m currently expanding and restocking my arsenal, and should have some finished tracks of my own right quick. Look for more crunchy nastiness in the first quarter of next year.

    Oh... and sorry to Limbertimber for misspelling his name, but much props for obviously being subscribed to the memekast in order to comment on it the next day.

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