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In our continuing efforts to prop suspected leaders of the mediocrity resistance movement, this installment we bring you a transmission from Neuronaut. According to our intelligence reports, Neuronaut, a Cambridge UK-born solo agent currently operating from San Francisco "explores a wide gamut of possible stimulation to the auditory nodes through ambient, down-tempo, breaks, glitch, and dubstep musical modalities."

He is also known to have co-founded at least one splinter group of notable influence, a key provider of material support known as Addictech. In addition to a fully deployable 20,000 watt sound system, this highly active cell's assets also include a staggering cache of sonic materiel available as digital downloads, vinyl, and CDs; as well as a new label whose agent roster includes Neuronaut, Future Funk Squad, SOTEG, Lawgiverz, and Habersham.

For MK016 he has prepared an exclusive set of 5 original, as-yet unreleased tracks. You might feel a slight tingling in the brain as the patterns install themselves; this is normal with any effective neurotemplating device. Trust him, he knows what he's doing.

Also we're really glad he's on our side.

memekast mk016 » 15 April 2007 » Neuronaut

Traveling Without Moving

  1. one thick one
  2. love skank init
  3. tigger
  4. twilight (with rena jones on vocals & strings)
  5. crusty massive

Neuronaut is currently preparing for an engagement at Experiment Three, the (you guessed it) third installment of this monthly operation at Fat City. May 4. 314 11th St. SF. 9:30PM-4AM. Waveform containment begins at 10PM, Neuronaut 11-12.

For more info and details visit:



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  • I love this sound. It sounds ambient yet experiencial and healing all in one. I could see this in a line up in the beginning to set the mood, tone of the the evening. Or, after the hard hitting beat dominating sound. Lovely. Chill space. 'observing the cosmos....thanks for the good work and the ability to hear this.

  • user-pic

    Praise neuronaut! What an homage to Dune. "THE SPICE MUST FLOW!!!!" I love it man, a truly deep and intriguing mix. Come to Europe and spread the sound. I enjoy every frequency of this homewrecker.

  • soo dope!
    love this.

    the spice is vital to space travel.. O_O

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