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Welcome back, and thanks for listening!

Resident selector dj_spaceinvader takes the controls for this episode, and delivers 11 tracks of dirty, nasty, weird-ass glitchy shit. Some of it will make you wanna dance, some of it will make you stare and drool. It's all part of his plan.

You can catch dj_spaceinvader at Equity on April 11, along with Adam Ohana. Il Pirata / 2007 16th St @ Potrero, SF

memekast mk015 » 04 April 2007 » dj_spaceinvader

  1. Dabrye (ft. AG) - Dirty

  2. DJ/Rupture - Desplazados

  3. Jackson and His Computer Band - Tropical Metal

  4. Machine Drum - GCel

  5. Stereotype Meets Al Haca (ft. Lady Saw) - Lately

  6. Breakbeat Buddha (ft. Shugga) - Endurance

  7. Stereotyp (ft. Coppa) - Big Flows

  8. Wayne and Wax (ft. Dami D & Wasp) - A It Dat (dj_spaceinvader's Ampulex Compressa rmx)

  9. Marcus Wormstorm - JODT

  10. Uffie - Pop the Glock (Sebastian rmx)

  11. Litvinenko - Kaubeat



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  • ok, the song that comes in around 21:05 is rediculously ill. this mix is the good cerebral all over the place that's gotten me yelled at by my boss once already today :)

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    yeah isn't that shit SICK??? it's markus wormstorm, he's on sound-ink, based in south africa. artist page: http://www.sound-ink.com/artists/markus_wormstorm/

    always happy to piss off someone's boss ^_-

  • nice mix and i agree about the markus wormstorm track

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    i think this is the 3rd mix from spaceinvader i have heard from the memekasts...and FUCK ! The dude is siik ! I love your musical selection and mixing...it sums up the san fran vibe for me. MAD PROPS yo...


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    wow, thanks a lot for all the positive feedback!
    @Gordon: glad you dig it! i sometimes wonder if my mixes are too schizophrenic...

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