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Anyone who describes her own sound as "glitched out, sexed up, low freq, hyphy, bassy, krunked strip-hop" is probably my kind of dj. So i went after Mob Bostress Ana Sia for a mix, and hot damn did she deliver.

After barely over a year behind the decks, Ana is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Frequently appearing alongside her boys, California's notorious Glitch Mob, she has recently been dropping the bottom out of such venues as Element NYC, 1015 Folsom, the XenoDrome, Retox Lounge, Supperclub, and various underground spots on and off the playa.

For the memekast, she drops eleven tracks of deep, sexy, bass-heavy glitch-hop and grime, including a spankin' new original track to get things rolling. And when i say deep, i mean deep.

memekast mk014 » 15 March 2007 » Ana Sia

potential influential

  1. PRO-JECT :: a/sia
  2. DIZZEE REMIX :: boreta
  3. DRAVIDIAN CLAP :: wazulu the ill dravidian
  4. JUNO RHAPSODAY :: tom burbank
  5. POP THE GLOCK (curtis vodka remix) :: uffie
  6. ATTRACTOR BEAM :: lux
  7. AIRHEAD :: mrk 1
  8. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE :: wonder
  9. STAR TREK :: mrk 1
  10. I GOT 5 ON IT (strydah remix) :: luniz
  11. RHYMEDROP :: seven ark

Upcoming Events:

  • march 15 boulder, co :: sts9 afterparty late night
  • march 16 austin, tx :: bass chakra (sxsw)
  • march 17 houston, tx :: bass chakra (sxsw)
  • march 18 austin, tx :: bass chakra (sxsw)
  • april 1 sebastopol, ca :: bassnectar UCO tour
  • april 3 ashland, or :: UCO tour afterparty
  • may 11-13 santa barbara :: lightning in a bottle
  • june 15-17 portland, or :: emerge-n-see
  • july 27-29 belden, ca :: priceless

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from Звук.нет on May 19, 2007 10:56 AM

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  • It'll cure what ails ya.

  • she's welcome in austin any time. we danced our asses off! hot hot!

  • Droppin bombs in Boulder last week , late night/early morning action was straight fire.
    cant wait for lightning in a bottle.
    one love!!!

  • I think that I am in love!!!! She blew my mind and changed my life at the mercury hall and the enchanted forest in Austin!!!!!!! Love this girrrl!

  • user-pic

    damn, this girl knows whatsup. thats some serious glitch for only one year under her belt .. props

  • user-pic

    thanks ana sia.
    I got up on stage and you owned me for hours till the sun came up.
    white hat.
    thanks for dropping the gems on the party.
    you floored me and made my emergensee.

    one love,
    spirit monkey

  • well, i'm completely addicted.
    yeah, she changed my life and my whole perspective about the whole SF/Bay glitch music scene... I've been a total psytrancer for a while now...
    lemme just say, i got converted.
    this sh*t is my new crack. COMPLETELY ADDICTED.
    yep, seeing her at mannafestival was a very amazing experience. super hot. super sexy. best set i've seen in the last year.

  • yes! anasia dropped some eardrum violating crunchy beats at the shambhala music festival in august. the mix is sik, can't wait for more...

  • Anasia... man, I discovered her for myself at Symbiosis last weekend. 2 BEAUTIFUL sets, made my weekend, THANK YOU! (and thanks for having her set here, pure pleasure!)

  • Fantastic set!! She rocked me on the playa this year too. But what about some credit for the significant amount of Freaky Chakra's Glimmer of Dope she plays before she drops Boreta's Dizzee Remix? Daum's been dropping beats in the Yay since 1993, and deserves our love.

  • Back in the US after two months with BWB in Peru, Movin' and '08ing Change in SF. Hoping for a surprise appearance by Ana Sia at Ztrip this weekend. Ready for an even year?

  • this shit pure hotness. cant wait to catch her. can she please do a late nite for sts9 red rocks. this would make my dreams come true!

  • Memek in ma country its mean pussy.

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