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Happy New Year! I know it's been a while but the memekast is officially back in action (don't call it a comeback). We're on a new host, we got a new site, and there's a whole bunch in store for 2007 (big tings a gwan). Like a ton of guests that have been waiting patiently while we sorted out the troubles.

To kick off the new year, MK2 is very proud to present San Francisco's Djeeno (Word of Mouth, Infinite Kaos), who i personally have been looking forward to having on for a while.

Originally from Santa Barbara, Djeeno has been a resident with Word of Mouth since their first event in 1999, and has continued his involvement with them both on their home turf and here in the Bay as they've expanded northward. Since relocating to SF in 2000 he's also been deeply involved with Infinite Kaos and Opel/Opulent Temple, twistin' heads on and off the playa with his tripped out arrangements and basslines that i'm pretty sure he poured out of a meteorite.

For our tenth episode, he brings us an eclectic mix of glitchy, heady, psychedelic brain food for heads to nod to and booties to shake to. Most of these tracks are unreleased originals, some produced solo and a couple with Chris Sia as Copal. Enjoy...

memekast mk010 » January 2007 » Djeeno

  1. "Help Me Lift You Up"- This Mortal Coil (Djeeno's Glitch 'N Bass Remix)
  2. "OutsideInsideOut"- Tipper
  3. "U and Dat"- E40 (Copal's Third Eye Remix)
  4. "Rainy Season"- Djeeno
  5. "Mercy Stretch"- Djeeno
  6. "Ohana Chandra" - Copal (Shiela Chandra Homage)
  7. "I Shall Be Free" - Kid Beyond



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