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titleweight heavy: 2/24 @ beat box sf


MR. BILL (Simplify Recordings - Aus)

Mr. Bill is a project based around evocation, music written to excite the ear and the brain. It explores all sorts of strange production methods and musical theories. The music has been described as a distinct brand of 8bit glitchy funk as well as an audiological reflection of our world growing ever more mechanistic which seemingly takes sounds and influences from every aspect of life and a representation of the inner workings of the quantum realm when harvested through concentration and intent.

ELECTROCADO (Hass Records, Ektoplazm - Aus)

Electrocado was created during 2009 by Bill Day and Ryan Whare in Ol’ Sydney town. They combined generous amounts of psy, electro, glitch, minimal and progressive, spread some avocado on top, then grilled it till it was steamin' hot and crunchy. The result is a tasty and satisfying meal covering a wide range of tempo’s and musical influences.

MR. ROGERS (Ooze System - NorCal)

Mr. Rogers' brain is a fun place to visit, but you might not want to stay for too long lest you get stuck in the intricate, syncopated pulse that oozes from it. Mr. Rogers connects with dancefloors instantly with his totally unique style. His signature sound seeps out of every beat per minute, and latches onto your primal dance button. Mr. Rogers sounds have long captivated the West Coast underground arts community. Now the secret is out and this pioneering producer is poised to conquer the far reaches of the dance floor with his twisted, psychedelic take on bass-heavy midtempo and glitch-ridden breaks.

THA FRUITBAT (Simplify Recordings, Memekast, Addictech - Sac)

Tha Fruitbatis an electronic music maker best known for his disorienting arrays of synth and sample tones, woven together atop complex breakbeats and mutated basslines. His background as a trained musician (drums, bass, guitar and percussion) and audio engineer enables Tha Fruitbat to play, sample and record and slice his own sounds into his compositions, creating his own unmistakably unique style and sound.

RATCHET (Ooze System, Memekast - NorCal)

Ratchet has been cranking out a unique brand of twisted psychedelic breaks and mid tempo since 2006. Having showcased his talents in underground clubs and outdoor festivals, people are beginning to notice his impeccable ability to craft a sharp, precise, ultra-clean composition. His first full length album, Warp Speed was just released on Ooze System and is currently holding steady on the Addictech charts.

Limited $10 presale tickets are available for purchase here

Beatbox SF
314 11th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
10pm - 4am
$20 at the door

This event is presented to you by: Speaker Sherpas in conjunction with MK2 Systems

ratchet - warp speed

ratchetwarpspeed_5x5_72dpi_final.jpgFresh off the heels of his new Memekast giveaway "Natural Movement." I'm excited to present Ratchet's new album "Warp Speed." Out now on Ooze System Recordings "Warp Speed" just charted as Addictech.com's #4 release of the year! You can get it right now, exclusively hosted on Addictech's digital store.

Ratchet has been cranking out a unique brand of twisted psychedelic breaks, on the sly since 2006. His all original sets have been gobbled up on enthusiastic dance floors all across the country. Whether in underground clubs or outdoor festivals, people are taking notice of his impeccable ability to craft a sharp, precise and ultra-clean composition. Ratchet's first full length album is comin' in hot for early 2012 and will be the third release for Ooze System Recordings. Ooze is an up and coming label, by and for established veteran producers of the underground EDM scene. Collaborations are thick for Ratchet and include projects with Electrocado and another side project called ReptilianBassStation Featuring Tha Fruitbat, Spektrum and a revolving group of local producers and friends that love bass music that tells a story with naturally progressing themes. 2012 will see more releases from this young, prolific audio sculptor along with fresh new releases from ReptilianBassStation

- Ooze System

digital rust - forming formants

formingformants_art.jpgFor our second free giveaway for 2011/2012. We bring you "Forming Formants," a slammin' tune from Digital Rust. A little something funky to ring in the New Year. We featured him last March on Memekast mk053. Which was in support of his then, new "Loophole EP," available on Addictech.com. When Loophole dropped it created quite a buzz in Mid Tempo and Glitch Hop circles. His music has been compared to Opiuo, Love and Light and even Tipper to name a few. Not to mention staying at #7 in the Addictech Top 10 since March.

When we asked him for a freebie, little did we know that he would give us one of the most asked for tunes, from both his Memekast and his live sets. Forming Formants starts out with a bang and doesn't disappoint the whole way through. It's more or less, a relentless barrage of choppy vocal synth bits and moving, sludgy baselines. Combine that, with chunky hard hitting beats and the glassy 303 leads occasionally making their appearance at the forefront of the mix. It has just enough pretty elements to provide a noticeable amount of contrast, for such a heavy danceable song.

You can expect a new EP from Digital Rust in April, 2012. Until then, this will just have to do.

Just click the "Buy" button to Download the track.

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